Enterprise Feedback Management

Optimize your customer experiences


Every day your competitors are creating new channels, launching new products and making irresistible marketing offers to snap up your customers. And one mistake in your customer service can be one mistake too many. Delivering positive customer experiences in this hyper-competitive environment requires a continuous improvement approach that goes well beyond just collecting customer data. The most successful companies optimize customer experiences. Does yours?

To know whether you are optimizing experiences, or merely monitoring them, ask yourself the following questions. Are you collecting loads of customer feedback yet failing to take action? Are many of your departments conducting their own independent “voice of the customer” programs? Do you treat every customer experience the same way regardless of how critical to customer loyalty the experience is? If your answers are “yes”, your company is failing to capture the potential value of real time customer experience management.

Fortunately, Ipsos Loyalty has a solution. Experience Optimizer is a comprehensive, proven, and proprietary approach to measuring, modeling and managing customer experiences one by one, aggregated over massive global enterprises, and across time. Experience Optimizer incorporates leading edge approaches to making “voice of the customer” a true business discipline by shifting from old traditional ways to new, more powerful ways of managing the customer experience.

 The Old WayThe New Way
Action OrientationFeeding a scorecardClosing the loop
Ongoing FeedbackAnnual surveysReal time
Survey StructureMultiple ChoiceVerbatim comments
Data IntegrationSingle sourceMultiple Sources
Predictive ModelingReactive responseAnticipating behavior

Experience Optimizer is built on the latest in Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) and customer experience management technologies, and includes capabilities such as:

  • Mobile smartphone data collection including audio, video, and geo-location data capture
  • Social media data integration, analysis and reporting including all varieties of passive listening techniques
  • Predictive analytics based on longitudinal time based velocity and acceleration mapping
  • Multi-level organizational reporting and integrated action planning and tracking systems
  • Innovative customer feedback protocols built from leading edge work in behavioral economics, brain science, and biometric monitoring


With Experience Optimizer, your company can manage the customer experience with a common holistic solution that operates in real time. Make Experience Optimizer a central part of your continuous improvement program to stay close to your customers and keep ahead of the competition.

Experience Optimizer: Don’t just survey your customers, optimize their experiences!

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John Carroll III