Employee Relationship Management

Understand Employee Engagement


As workplaces undergo change, the employee-employer relationship is becoming more challenging. Independent of generational effects, it is increasingly difficult to predict; it is now more negotiable.

Ipsos has been in the Employee Relationship Management (ERM) business since 1999. We help you use quantitative and qualitative research to improve the way you manage the relationship with your employees. We do this by uncovering the strengths and fragility of the employer-employee relationships, using various techniques to highlight areas to focus improvement actions.

Our experience comes from undertaking human resource research programs for organizations across sectors, including: financial, utility, manufacturing, service and retail. Our expertise has been proven by surveying and understanding hundreds of thousands of private and public sector employees across the world.

We align with your corporate culture:

Our approach is firmly rooted in your reality. We align with your corporate practices and policies. All of our research programs are based on a clear understanding of clients’ HR issues, cultural and business environments.

We are in-step with your evolution:

Effective management is also a question of timing. Contrary to ‘all-embracing’ theories, we believe that management responses should be in line with the changing reality of the company.

Ipsos’ ERM team will ensure that you stay on top of your organization’s distinct management needs and challenges.

In addition to engagement surveys, our portfolio of capabilities includes:

  • Employer brand testing and tracking
  • Landing/boarding survey
  • HR management evaluation
  • Corporate culture and values assessment
  • Internal communications audit
  • Organizational change tracking
  • Leadership survey/Expatriate survey
  • Diversity research
  • Exit interviews

Your company can also take advantage of Ipsos’ dual expertise; we can link employee survey data with customer research to create additional opportunities. Ipsos’ clients are provided with state-of-the-art solutions, including our proprietary Interactive Internal Panels that allow for staff feedback on multiple issues at any point in time.

We are careful with employee sensitivity:

Our team never underestimates the fact that questioning employees about their professional situation is always a sensitive process. It must be done in the most professional and transparent manner. Our clients’ employees are provided with the opportunity to voice their opinions in a completely secure and confidential environment.

Let us design a customized approach for you…

… to help you build and manage a profitable employee relationship.

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