'Check-In' to Ipsos Loyalty's Hotel Guest Satisfaction Measurement System

Ipsos Loyalty’s Guest24 is a streamlined, global web survey designed to measure and monitor guest experience ratings over time. This program offers key guest satisfaction elements common to the hospitality industry, enabling a consistent platform for evaluating performance across the entire hotel estate.

Continuous guest feedback for all areas of the stay experience

Our online survey instrument is based on Ipsos’ Ideal Customer Experience ‘blueprinting’ of the hotel stay experience. This ensures that all key interaction points experienced during a guest’s hotel stay are captured to provide robust data in support of your vision to be a lead position in the hotel sector.

The voice of the customer

The Guest24 survey also includes areas for guests to provide – in their own words – verbatim comments about where their stay experience exceeded expectations and where the hotel should focus improvement efforts.

An online reporting of results available 24/7

Guest24 provides a consistent approach in guest satisfaction measurement and reporting, giving hotel managers and corporate staff continuous, real-time guest feedback. Our online reporting platform enables stakeholders a view of current hotel survey results, as well as comparison of results to historical and brand benchmarks.

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