ICE: Ideal Customer Experience

Map Your Customer Experience to Uncover Moments of Truth, Pain Points, and Opportunities to Delight

Humans are complex. We make decisions every day that are shaped by interactions with people, places and other influences along our way. For more than a decade, Ipsos Loyalty has been the leader in mapping customer journeys. In our distinctive maps we uncover experiences and attitudes along the path to behavior.

Fighting the Customer Experience Flat Line

Hyper-competitive markets put severe pressure on organizations seeking to deliver innovative, engaging, and differentiated customer experiences. Even the best performing companies have to address a common challenge – the customer experience flat line. “Flat lines” limit customer growth, restrict share of wallet, and invite competitors to attack. ICE generates immediately actionable insights, which enable organizations to deliver differentiated experiences and break the flat line.

Yesterday’s methods alone can’t solve today’s issues

Many executives recognize that conducting customer research can help them address the flat line. Unfortunately, not all types of research can solve customer experience problems. Other research techniques emphasize stated importance based on the recollection of past experiences. Unfortunately, humans don’t easily describe the real and often even subconscious reasons they make decisions. We need new tools!

Customer Journey Mapping

To resolve these issues, Ipsos Loyalty builds our clients distinctive customer journey maps via our proven and proprietary ICE tools. We capture details of the customer experience, attitude and behavior in map form and provide synthesized maps to guide customer experience improvement and tracking research revision.

Applied Behavioral Economics

Our ICE methodology is founded upon decades of research in neuroscience, psychology, and social science. We help clients understand how customer habits and heuristics are formed, strengthened, and disrupted. We uncover customer expectations as well as opportunities for creating detectable distinctions, branded differentiation and a holistic customer experience.   Most critically, all of this is put in the context of designing experiences that may be delivered consistently by the organization. With this understanding, leaders can develop experiences which drive real change in customer behavior at a pace faster than ever possible.

Conducting ICE

Today, Ipsos Loyalty is the leader in the field of practical application of customer journey mapping. Our holistic customer experience data capture approach includes:

  • Executive Interviews
  • Social Media Listening
  • In-Depth Customer Discussion
  • Modified Ethnography and Accompanied Journeys
  • Front Line Staff and Manager Meetings

In addition, we can apply leading edge bio-metric and eye-tracking data collection techniques to provide additional insight into customer experiences that go far beyond stated importance and performance.

Use ICE to address these questions:

  • What do we need to do to break the customer experience “flat line”?
  • How we do provide a differentiated experience?
  • Is our quantitative research asking the right questions?
  • How can we bring ‘the customer’ into our quality improvement efforts?’
  • What points in the customer experience are the most pivotal?
  • How can we weave our brand images, emotions, and strategy into experiences?

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