Digital Voice

Connect with your customer's digital voice


Develop insights based on listening to your customers – not just through surveys but online and elsewhere. The voice of the customer is coming from everywhere.

Listening to what is being said about you on the web gives you an unqualified opportunity to connect to your customers. Client databases, online surveys, mobile and social media all result in high volumes of feedback.

Around 80% of data now held within companies is in the form of unstructured text documents or records: emails, call center logs, reports, web pages, blogs, SMS and verbatims. The challenge is to turn this unstructured data into knowledge and insights.



With Ipsos Loyalty you can:

  • Track the number of mentions about your brand or service on the web
  • Understand how positively or negatively brands are talked about
  • Identify early trends
  • Detect early problems with new offers
  • Get to the specifics of key issues
  • Put customer satisfaction issues in a competitive context
  • Classify all your unstructured data types into a consistent framework for analysis.

The web magnifies the voice of the customer. Consumers interact with other consumers on social media sites with vast international memberships to tell their stories, good or bad. Individuals can now reach an unprecedented audience, fast. We help you to explore blogs and forums, capture weak signals, identify potential problems and respond quickly, before issues become crises.

Ipsos Loyalty extracts information from websites relevant to you. The web content is indexed, transformed to make it consistent, tagged, grouped and analyzed. Our Digital Behaviour Report tells you how many mentions your brand or service is getting, on what topics, where and when. Key issues and most frequent positive and negative incidents are identified.

We can link web-listening results with customer satisfaction data and information from your databases to identify and investigate key issues, trends, or signs of failure or dissatisfaction with new offers.

Linking CSAT and Web data gives you the ability to assess the degree to which these issues may impact customer acquisition and retention. This information can be used to adjust strategies and communications as well as for issue prioritisation.

Ultimately, bringing together different sources of data will enable you to have a more holistic view of what drives brand choice and preference.

With web-listening, text and data mining, Ipsos Loyalty helps you tap into the unstructured data universe to extract and deliver insights that can shape your firm’s strategy across the loyalty mix. To get an integrated view of your customers, contact us now.

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