Loyalty Management Consulting

Jump the “Knowing-Doing” Gap and Align Your Organization with the Customer


“Doing” Customer Loyalty

Executives typically know the formula for creating customer loyalty. First, understand what drives customer experiences, attitudes, behaviors and financial returns. Then, design holistic experiences for targeted customers and implement the experiences by changing internal processes, structures, and systems. Finally, track performance, take remedial action where necessary, and create engaging new experiences to stay ahead of competitors. Yet, despite knowing the formula, executives continually have trouble “doing” loyalty. They end up stuck with subpar customer survey results, stagnant growth, and weak business results.

Driving Action to Gain Return on Insight

Having all of the customer information and insight in the world will not improve customer loyalty by itself. And due to the natural orientation towards maximizing internal productivity in functional silos, efforts to improve customer loyalty are frequently inconsistent, uncoordinated, and in the end ineffective – resulting in no change in business results and organizational frustration. Leaders need to drive action, promote real change, and align their organizations to drive meaningful improvement and long-term consistency in customer experiences which drives loyalty.

Comprehensive Consulting Services for the Chief Customer Officer

Ipsos Loyalty develops and deploys a range of learning, action planning and performance improvement solutions. We frequently act as the trusted advisor to chief customer officers and others responsible for the customer experience as they align their organization with the customer, strengthen customer centricity as an enterprise competency, and build a customer oriented culture.

Loyalty Learning and Action Planning Program Examples

Insight2Action Workshops – a radically different and proven approach using internet-based group facilitation tools to lead any organization from customer insight to real action.

Customer Loyalty Certification Programs – custom designed learning programs to build customer focus and competency at all levels of the organization. Find It, Fix It, Prevent It – action planning programs to determine root causes for performance deficiencies or opportunities for competitive differentiation.

Applied Behavioral Economics and Neuroscience – workshops to incorporate the latest in academic and real world use of leading edge techniques to measure, model and manage human experience, attitude and behavior.

Performance Improvement Examples

Customer Loyalty Diagnostic – a complete assessment of the organization’s current and desired performance on 16 key areas critical to becoming a customer centric organization.

Customer Research Program Audit – a systematic approach to evaluating customer research and identifying the best ways to enhance each specific program, synthesize insights across programs, incorporate leading edge research techniques, and optimize investment in customer information.

Customer Experience Dashboards – the design and deployment of holistic customer dashboards that guide both executive decision making and front line employee actions.

Customer Loyalty Strategy Review – a comprehensive customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty strategy review followed by aligning the customer strategy with the enterprise strategy.

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