Wallet Allocation Optimizer

Measure Customer Relationships Right

Wallet Allocation Rule

The Wallet Allocation Optimizer is a new measurement system developed by Ipsos Loyalty. Using the concept of how customers rank the firms in their usage set, this new approach will provide our clients with the information they need to radically improve their competitive position in the marketplace. More than just a mere measure of customer satisfaction, the Wallet Allocation Optimizer model is strongly linked to share-of-wallet and business results.

Let’s face it, everyone wants their satisfaction numbers to go up, but increasing satisfaction scores are no guarantee of increased share. Our Wallet Allocation Optimizer model is not only the best predictor of customer share, but it will also yield a projected “ROI” on your process improvement efforts. The Ipsos Loyalty Wallet Allocation Optimizer Model will tell you what steps are necessary to achieve market growth.

Also included in the extensive client deliverable is the new Wallet Allocation Rule Games Simulator. The Wallet Allocation Optimizer Games Simulator will help clients understand the likely outcomes from their actions and provide the insights needed to develop the most effective strategies and move ahead of the herd.

Developed by way of a tremendous R&D effort between Ipsos Loyalty and leading academics, and validated across 14 different business sectors and product categories, Ipsos Loyalty is delighted to begin offering this new vision to its clients beginning in the late-summer of 2011. We believe the Wallet Allocation Optimizer will give our clients the necessary competitive edge they need during these challenging times when every customer is important to the bottom line.

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